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Jon Tan is a multi-disciplinary Artist and Designer based in Singapore. After earning a degree in the Bachelors of Fine Arts from Nanyang Technological University, Jont engages in a range of personal and commercial projects rooted in reimagination, culture and the human experience. The culmination of his practice threads between art and design; to design with intent and relive them with art. The range of his creative practice revolves around creative and art direction, animation, illustration, graphic and merchandise product design. 
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Selected Works

“Where does it all lead? What will become of us? These were our young questions, And young answers were revealed. It leads to each other. We become ourselves.” Patti Smith “Just kids” (2010)

Memento: the film / 
Art Science Museum (Singapore)

A year in the making for my first motion picture. Everything you see is made from scratch; Animated, painted, sculpted, directed and conceptualised together with Benjmark.

Together with Meshminds and Art Science Museum, Memento was granted a month long residency at Art science Museum in September 2023.

Memento: the film / 
ARS electronica (Austria)


There’s much to be said about the romance of memories. I’m excited to share with you that our small endeavour has been selected to premiere this year at festival @arselectronica in Linz, Austria 

Directed by Jon Tan and Benjmark 
Watch the full film 

Vogue Singapore / 

In print and in digital, excited to share that we made it on Vogue in my city. My feature with @voguesingapore today discussing how I started in the Arts, a day in my life and essentially a message to the younger version of me. It’s proof that there’s way more room for fashion & illustrators to fill.

One Music Fest / 
Key Visuals

Kendrick Lamar,
Megan Thee Stallion,
Brent Faiyaz,
Janet Jackson

Highlight milestone project of the year. I teamed up with the esteemed Parallel Agency to create headliner visualisers for global acts over at One Music Fest in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Creative direction: Andrew Ciggs
Animation and illustration by me

The Accordion Man

Go wide first, and then narrow it down, according to accordions. Start anywhere and see where it lands. Feels like the right time to fall in love with art again.

Illustration / painting & animation by moi.

Music: Traditonnel Musette (2017)

One Music Fest Teaser 

Teaser animation for One Music Festival, overlooking the Atlanta skyline at blue hour. Special shoutout to Parallel Agency for linking me with the best. 


Rimowa / 
Never Still Campaign 

Got on my version of a corporate fit at the boardroom. The Rimowa Never Still is proof that you can make the world your office and your office, the world. Never Still Briefcase in Navy, yours if you’re about constant motion.

Photos c/o @bokehture

Thank you for having me, spot for @Rimowa @directionsgroupinc #RIMOWA #NeverStill

Beyond The Vines /
Festive (Q4)

This year's art direction and graphics for Beyond The Vines festive season was inspired by vibrancy of life, new colours of the season and bold pattern based graphics.

Illustration for Christmas tin can, Superpanelled design language and key visuals for Tokyo christmas pop up.

Devon Ojas /
Ojas Sound Systems Visualiser

Live from the home studio, it’s a sound sculpture and the handmade OJAS sound system by @Devonojas. Records in rotation by @soft_focus. Thank you Devon for putting intention back into listening, and visuals in front of sound. This is Space 1.8, by @nalasinephro (2021)

Animation and motion graphics for Ojas.

Harpers Bazaar /
Artist Feature (August)

Creative Direction for Shelter From The Rain, a melancholic track 
on heartbreak by Keyana. This artwork ia an answer to the question of portraying surrealism in a song and visual. 

Photography by Jon Blu (@bokehture)


Shelter From The Rain /
Album Art - Keyana

Creative Direction for Shelter From The Rain, a melancholic track 
on heartbreak by Keyana. This artwork ia an answer to the question of portraying surrealism in a song and visual. 

Photography by Nelson Chong (@Birdycantfly)


Beyond The Vines /
Tokyo Pop-Up Concept  (Summer)

A big year with Beyond The Vines. Following our collaboration in 2022, I joined the team as a contributing Art Director on special projects and collaborations. Art direction & Design (Key Visuals and Motion) for three Tokyo pop-ups for Beyond The Vines in 2023, each unique in their own concept and rollout.  

Beyond The Vines /
Tokyo Pop-Up Concept 

Art direction & Design (Key Visuals and Motion) for three Tokyo pop-ups for Beyond The Vines in 2023, each unique in their own concept and rollout.  


A World Beyond
Beyond The Vines c/o JONT

A personal milestone project and an absolute honour to be building a world with Beyond The Vines, a multidisciplinary studio based in Singapore. 

A World Beyond was first conceptualised in May 2022 as a reimagination of how worldly travels and cultural exchanges would meet at an intersection with both brands. I see it as a window into my personal experiences. Art has a way of pairing a context with time. This project was completed over 4 countries as I started traveling for work, most of it was in Toronto and the last bits in Tokyo. 

I'm obsessed with the thought of looking back at this work in 10 years and spotting something I forgot was there. Extra attention was paid to the details. Futurism is a recurring motif in my works. Hovercars first debuted in "Fly Thru Ramen", one of my early motion works back in 2020. Coffee spot on the bottom right was inspired by an actual joint I visited in New York. Colours of skyscrapers I sampled from a photo I took on my last day in Toronto. 

Most of the animation was done in Singapore, includes frame by frame, after effects techniques and 3D perspectives. 

Lifestyle Product line of A World Beyond designed in the Studio of Beyond The Vines; Skate decks, Tees, Puzzles, Key tags, Discs, Gift Cards and Packaging.

Thank you for supporting the collection, it was truly one for the books! Much love. 
Shop the Beyond The Vines c/o JONT Collection 


Curves for Complexcon
Long Beach, CA

Played a small role on graphic support for Curves Complexcon 2023, includes vinyls, type and identity application. I live for this shade of green.

Motherchuckers / Superga 

Presenting my first sneaker product design project: Six pairs of sneakers for the coveted Motherchuckers & Superga Collaboration. This project took 1.5 years to fruition. With this sneaker collection there was a general need to reimagine what Superga sneakers felt like with the concept of adventure and exploration that goes well with Motherchuckers. We did an extensive design research into the Superga's archive, visited and revisited colour considerations, material pairings and overall visuals to arrive to what we feel is perfection on feet. 

Motherchuckers / Superga 
Merchandise Collection

With the sneaker collection we wanted to extend that concept of adventure and exploration with a merchandise line that goes with the shoes. Graphic & Product design for Motherchuckers and Superga's Merchandise line. Superchuckers, I unknowing coined the term in the group chat that stuck. 

Man of Many Hats 
Josef Adamu:
Brooklyn, NYC

Quite possibly my last illustration piece of the year. I linked up with some of my favourite NYC creators to bring you “Man of Many Hats”, a series by @josefadamu that studies hat couture of the modern renaissance man. Thank you for having me again J. 


Motherchuckers Holiday Collection /
Mount Chuck'smas

Graphic and product design for Mount Chuck'smas alongside Crayonplug and the Chuck's design team. Lets talk about that set design tho, shoutout Frenss Studio for killing it as usual.


Utopia explores an alternate reality when humans are no longer habitants of this world. Nature is left to tend to herself, healing and restoring the beauty around her. She attempts to make sense of what humans have left behind while finding balance. The film takes you along a travels of the Sunseeker plane in search of Utopia. 

I’m excited to share that Utopia, my first film feature is (finally) now up and running showing on Wednesdays, 7pm on 1 Short Street, Singapore.  Best viewed during sunset hours, according to Google reviews.

In No Particular Order Gallery /
Curves Pop-Up Experience: New York, USA

This year I had the opportunity to travel across the world for some summer projects with one of my day one influences in the world of creativity, Sean Brown. If you scroll down further you will find that we connected through visuals for Curves playlist visuals so this has been a long time coming.

Graphics and takeaways I designed with Sean for In No Particular Order Gallery and Curves Pop-Up Experience store. 

Artist Statement:
This exhibit is a highlight of my continued obsession with documentation and archiving, living in the moment, while simultaneously recording the moment, in hopes to better understand my own purpose and existence. Through it, I encourage any and everyone to document the life you’re living, you only have one, and whether you’re documenting your life in a particular order or not, we all have experiences worth capturing. 

In No Particular Order Gallery /
Curves Pop-Up Experience: Los Angeles, CA

The gallery and experience store was brought to Los Angeles, with different concepts while keeping the experience aligned.

Curves Logo identity designed with Sean Brown for Curves Los Angeles and Complexcon 2023.

Designed with Sean for In No Particular Order Gallery and Curves Pop Up, powered by Shopify in New York and Los Angeles

Motherchuckers /
Calm Springs Collection Design

Graphic and merchandise collection design for Motherchuckers SS22 Calm Springs collection. Towel shirts and sunnies available over at their site. Shot in Bali, wear tested and vibe checked. 

Future Television 

Personal animation piece. First attempt at exploring 3D entities within my the premise of my style. We are entering the astral plane of high metropolis. The future has always been built by our imaginations, might as well own it.

New Balance (China)
Lunar New Year Collection 

Commisioned graphic incantations & illustrations I got up to with & Streething for New Balance China. My design scope includes flower wrappers, bike decals, enamel pins, car fresheners and tiger motifs. 

Motherchuckers /
Cosmos Chain 

First jewellery design, a nod to the first collection we designed at @heymotherchuckers. Features a loop on our planet as we revolve around life. Works on a wine glass too.

The New Productivity /

Collection design for The Paper Bunny. The metaphor is a spring to literally tell you we are free to bounce at our own pace. Collection now available at at and in-stores: 391 Orchard Rd, #B2 - 38A, Singapore 238872

The Art Of Bonsai

Personal animation short. One of the really beautiful things about bonsai (to me) comes from it’s dedication without expectations. I hope to use my work to tell the story of Chiako Yamamoto, the first and only female bonsai master. Calling this my digital bonsai. 
Image 2-11-21 at 11.10 AM (1) 2.JPG

Complexcon / Slow Jamz
Illustrated Visualiser

An illustration spot commissioned by Slowjamz and Complexcon 2021. The concept was to encapsulate the essence of music and spirit, a celebration of lifestyle and culture. Every detail with intention and purpose. Complexcon Long Beach Convention Hall Nov 6-7 2021. 

Tory Burch Indent /
Nuyou Mag (September Issue)

An illustration spot commissioned for Tory Burch's editorial on Nuyou Mag Sept 2021. The idea was to capture hours of the day that represents the new silhouette from Tory Burch, keeping the colours intact and the feelings true. 
DA7A089C-7458-4004-BBF8-B4508C4BA2C4 2.JPG
Untitled_Artwork 1236.PNG

Motherchuckers Athletics SS21 

The spring/summer 2021 Motherchuckers collection focuses on inspiring the athletics lifestyle. Product clothing design done for Motherchucker's athletics collection.


Mcdonalds's /
The Speedee System

Bringing you back to where it all began. New animation piece by me on the 1948 Speedee System by Richard & Maurice McDonalds, taking you through the process of how a burger was made in the 80s. The concept included a time sensitive element to the animation, lasting 30 seconds which was a standard time it took to create a burger with the speedee system.


New Balance 574 Official Campaign

A big year in the works and a milestone project that I've embarked on with New Balance Singapore. I was commissioned by New Balance together with creative Nathaniel Fong to co-direct and manage an official New Balance campaign this year featuring the classic 574 silhouette. The tagline for this year's campaign "Worn by Anyone" aims to showcase the people and community that helped build the heritage of the silhouette over the years.

NB574 Campaign Film


Creative Direction: @nathanielfong & JONT

Photographer/ Edited: @tasminfong

Videographer: @Killerfvith @joniebooo

Stylist: @nathanielfong 

Graphics: @thejontan

Hmua: @jeremy_khoo

Models: @juwaidijumanto @relleshi @thejontan @nathanielfong 

Awards & Fellowships

Curves Bi-Weekly #001

Kicking start the first of a series of visuals i'm creating for CURVES, a creative output by Sean Brown @byseanbrown. 

A visual piece that depicts the overall moodboard and emotions of the updated biweekly playlist on CURVES. 

Experience the mood now at


Catalogue Backcover illustration


The second installation of the animation visuals features a futuristic take on our everyday life. It almost seems believable. In another universe we're all on a Slyvain Viau's hover car timeline.

Curves Bi-Weekly #002

Kicking start the first of a series of visuals i'm creating for CURVES, a creative output by Sean Brown @byseanbrown. 

A visual piece that depicts the overall moodboard and emotions of the updated biweekly playlist on CURVES. 

Experience the mood now at


Curves Bi-Weekly #003


Reimgaining an early morning vacuum of the OUTKAST rug, conceptualised by myself and Sean for the third instalment for CURVES biweekly.

A visual piece that depicts the overall moodboard and emotions of the updated biweekly playlist on CURVES. 

best experienced on desktop

Gucci Illustrated Indent /
Nuyou Magazine (September Issue, 2021)

Image 12-1-21 at 2.30 AM.JPG
Image 12-1-21 at 2.34 AM.JPG

My first magazine feature as an artist: I’m humbled to be given the chance to illustrate an official Gucci editorial for Jan/Feb Issue 2021 on Nuyou Magazine. The illustration revolves around the heritage and roots of Doraemon, tracing back to influences of Japan and specific motifs of the Doraemon World. 


Eternally grateful to Nuyou singapore  for the trust in my work & what I do. Now available at magazine stands islandwide.

Image 12-1-21 at 2.32 AM.JPG

Gardens & Seeds /
Animation Indent


Animation commissioned by Gardens and Seeds, a California-based lifestyle brand as a promotional clip on welcoming the new year. The animation features the three founding members cruising down a cityscape at golden hour. 

Motherchuckers c/o WWF

Campaign Film

Watch the film now.

In support of WWF (malaysia), the Nature's Little Helpers collection will pledge a portion of sales in support to the forest conservation efforts.

Tap here for sound>

Motherchuckers​ /
Mother Nature's Little Helpers

Back in June 2020, I was asked to design a collection for Motherchuckers to release at the end of the year. This collection revolves around the lighthearted concept of mother nature, giving praise to the natural world and the systems that thrives within. I worked on the graphics and overall design of the clothing.This collection titled, "Nature's Little Helpers" consists of a hoodie set, two t-shirts and 2 pants, along with a pendant design that is set to release in 2021.


"State of Grey" New Balance 327
Singapore Official Campaign 


Commissioned official New Balance (Singapore) Campaign titled “State of Grey” to market the release of the grey 327 New Balance silhouette. The concept and the design revolves around a stamp collection with muted colours to highlight the grey hues of the 327. 

IMG_1022 2.JPG
Image 9-10-20 at 2.54 PM.JPG

Gucci #GucciJackie1961
Campaign Graphics

I was blessed with the opportunity to design advertisement campaign posters for @Gucci’s handbag #guccijackie1961 featuring the one and only star @janechuck. This marks my first take at an international fashion house and contribution to fashion week.

The concept revolves around the friendship between Jane & the Jackie 1961 handbag in a storybook twist. 


all love to the team without which this wouldn’t have happened:

@birdycantfly behind the camera 

@mandygioh with the art direction 

@janechuck the star 

@tzushimi the words 

graphics, illustration & poster by me 

Image 9-10-20 at 2.58 PM.JPG

Gucci #GucciJackie1961
Campaign Film

Latest commissioned design work for Gucci's "Jackie 1961" bag for FW2020. I had the opportunity to create some graphic work for this Gucci campaign video. This is the director's cut of the film.

The concept revolves around the friendship between Jane & the Jackie 1961 handbag in a storybook twist. 

@birdycantfly behind the camera 

@mandygioh with the art direction 

@janechuck the star 

@tzushimi the words 

graphics, illustration & poster by me 


Aime Leon Dore: International Friendship

A fun re-imaginated animation of  The World's Borough by Aime Leon Dore. This animation takes on references and easter eggs of ALD's past and present themes and affiliations: Bringing back La Haine, 1995, "International Friendship through Basketball" in their latest collaboration with New Balance, the 550s and the list goes on. A frame-by-frame animated piece.


Image 11-9-20 at 10.35 AM.JPG
Image 11-9-20 at 10.32 AM.JPG
Image 11-9-20 at 10.45 AM.JPG

Motherchuckers​™  "Home Wear" release ads

Commissioned design work for Motherchucker's (Malaysia) campaign "Make yourselves at home". The concept for this advertisement promo posters centers around the people; a minimalistic and simple approach to life at home. I chose a neutral colour palette to provide a clean and comfortable aesthetic to rest your eyes on.

Image 23-7-20 at 2.49 AM.JPG
Image 21-7-20 at 12.29 PM.JPG
Image 21-7-20 at 12.26 PM.JPG

Motherchuckers​™ In-house home sport release


Commissioned work for Motherchucker's (Malaysia) latest campaign visuals for their in-house home sport release sweat sets. For this visual concept, the focus in mind was to capture the comfort of engaging in recreational activities while staying at home. The posters follows the underlying theme of nature intertwined with staying active.



Image 23-8-20 at 3.29 AM.JPG

Conscious Living Systems - "Current State of Affairs"

29th of August (This saturday)


NEW BALANCE "327" Campaign Visuals


Commissioned work for New Balance's latest campaign visuals for the new 327 silhouette. For this particular campaign visual concept, I paid special attention to the influence and story behind the latest 327 while constructing a concept that pays homage to its predecessors. 

Model: Nathaniel Fong
Photographer: Tasmin Fong

Advertisement design, words, 
illustrations, concept by JONT.  

NEW BALANCE "My Life In 327 Seconds"

The last segment of the New Balance 327 campaign features a short promo clip titled "My Life In 327 Seconds" that focuses on the lifestyle aspect of the silhouette. 

Videos by: Tasmin Fong, Nathaniel Fong 
Graphics and edit: JONT



"Life in Miniature" focuses on the small details of everyday life. The scene is set as an unofficial continuation from "Fly-Thru Ramen" as the two characters in the flying convertible returns home after getting their take-away ramen. Along with the story of returning home, I wanted to draw attention to the finer details like how shadow works under the evening glow and how it interacts with the surroundings. All frames fully illustrated and sound design by me.  



"Life Lessons" stems from a classic audio clip I came across featuring  Herman Munster's advice from the 1965 film "The Munsters". The animations and illustration pays close attention to the references and motif that fit the theme of inclusiveness and spreading the idea of love among humankind. 


"Fly-Thru Ramen" explores the limitations of our society in recent times and aims to frame them in an unorthodox perspective. The drive-thru feature is an underrated aspect and I worked out a concept that fuses the technologically dependent world with our everyday life.
Illustrated all the frames by hand along with the sound design.  



"Eternal Sunshine" revolves around the struggle between nature and the human greed. Loosely inspired by Studio Ghibli's "Princess Mononoke" animated film, I wanted to encapsulate a storyline within a few seconds of viewership. Eternal Sunshine also marks my first attempt at frame animation. 


C0425314-3BAB-436D-985F-3940D2B6C303 2.J

Item titled: "The Lesser Evil"  

$80 SGD 


"To knock out the one holding the bigger threat." The perfect solution to our problems does not exist in any premise.

This knowledge contends us to weigh our options and make calculated decisions that best serves its purpose. The current state of affairs begs you to. Good will prevail.

DM to purchase. 


Covid-19 Relief Fund contributions

The second installment of the collection will be pledging 20% of profits to the Covid-19 Relief funds "Feed The City" via @giving.SG that provides free meals to the vulnerable communities most affected.

More information will be over at


"The Control Tee"


Item titled: "The Control Tee"  

$45 SGD 

As the title of this collection goes, this tee tells a wry perspective of our narrative. The Earth now seen as a crystal ball; what can we do in our capacity to reverse this? We have always risen above the
odds, we will do it again and then some. Give em' hell.

DM to purchase. 



NIKE SPORTSWEAR™ Airmax Day 2020

For this year's airmax day visuals I reimagined a Nike city viewed from a brick arch. This references the stay home context of the year we are experiencing. The larger-than-life nike pinwheel in blue and white suspending in the sky reminds people of a limitless mindset, a nod towards the bold airmax lifestyle. 
This visual is adopted by Nike Headquarters in Oregon and included in the official Nike Airmax Day visuals of the year. Watch the offical visuals now at Nike's official site or instagram @nikesportswear


Linked up with an esteemed eco-lifestyle page Nocarrierpls to introduce a 100% recycled tee, a blend of 60% recycled cotton and 40% recycled polyester to the local market. This project operates on the premise of the fusion of information as a creative from end and the environmental subject of hers. Illustration & design of the tee is done by me. The research and manufacturing of the tee is liased with Viajoes™, a recycled texile factory based in India. The tee is now available in the Gift Shop. 



Painting reindeer.JPG

16.53" x 23.39" watercolour on canvas. The overarching concept on this work was "Figures in Space", a study of chiaroscuro, colour matching and relative size of objects in a set space. 

Animation. Art Direction. Graphic Design. Illustration. Product Design. 

Last Update: September 2022

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